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COCAT Restoration has been performing abatement for asbestos Removal Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and Pueblo Services for many years. Unlike most contractors who typically subcontract this service, COCAT employs its own certified and highly skilled Environmental Service technicians to perform asbestos abatement. This process saves our customers both time and expense when it comes to asbestos removal Denver and the whole Front Range. We manage the entire process:

  1. Consultation with an independent Industrial Hygienist
  2. Creating the work plan
  3. Permitting Containment
  4. Abatement and air monitoring
  5. Certified disposal of asbestos materials
  6. Job completion
  7. Final air clearance

We have highly-trained, licensed and insured personnel to perform the required inspection of facilities prior to restoration or demolition and the subsequent remediation of the contaminated materials discovered. COCAT is here to facilitate a complete solution when dealing with all aspects of asbestos related issues. In a typical indoor abatement, our environmental team first establishes containment, effectively sealing off the entire affected area. Negative air machines are set up in order to create the negative pressure atmosphere which prevents the regulated material from escaping from the area. The negative air machines then filter the contaminated air through a three stage decontamination unit where the asbestos particles are removed. As the machine is filtering the air, the COCAT environmental team can safely remove all asbestos containing material from the area and clean all exposed contents. The contaminated materials are then bagged and disposed of in an approved landfill. Once all the asbestos is removed, the area is re-tested by an Industrial Hygienist and cleared for reconstruction or other use.

The presence of asbestos in a building of any type present issues on multiple fronts.  Asbestos was an extremely popular building material in the late 19th and early 20th century, which led to heavy use in structures of all kinds.  While it was well suited for construction, the fibrous material causes serious health complications including lung cancer and mesothelioma. When it comes to asbestos removal Denver, it should never be attempted on your own.  Even short term inhalation of asbestos fibers can cause serious health complications or exacerbate existing conditions.

Health, Safety, and Environmental Compliance

COCAT’s dedication to excellence ensures that not only will the hazardous asbestos be removed from your property, but it will be done in the safest and most efficient manner.   COCAT’s extensive experience and understanding of the requirements will prevent costly mistakes and maximize compliance, thereby streamlining the process and ensuring a swift and complete resolution to discovered issues.  If you have already confirmed the presence of asbestos in your property or think that it may be present, call COCAT today.  When it comes to asbestos removal Denver property owners have no better choice than the experts at COCAT to give you Immediate Peace of Mind.

For more information on COCAT’s services, please call 303-565-3800 or email us at service@COCAT.com.