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Severe damage to a building from water can also have detrimental effect on personal property and equipment, causing critical downtime and crippling your daily routine. This is why COCAT takes pride in our content restoration team due to their attention to detail and exceptional appreciation of the effects of disaster. Not only can COCAT restore your property, but we also restore your personal items in order for your life to get back to normal. When water damage restoration Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo and surrounding areas need highly qualified professionals to restore their personal belongings, they call the COCAT content team.

Our Content Restoration expertise includes:

  • Contents cleaning, moving and storage
  • Wet document and book reclamation
  • Fabric and clothing restoration
  • Furniture repair and refinishing
  • Leather refinishing
  • Computer and data recovery
  • Wet document and book reclamation
  • Antique, art, and heirloom restoration

COCAT will come and inspect all affected equipment and make the necessary recommendations on the feasibility of salvageable versus non-salvageable content.  These recommendations are often found to be very helpful in making the right financial decisions regarding the affected property items. COCAT water damage restoration Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo will coordinate these decisions with the property owner and the insurance company and are always available to answer any customer questions.

Our comprehensive contents restoration protocol includes:

  • Transferring all contents to the COCAT facility to be evaluated
  • Creating a detailed written and photographic inventory of all contents from a property or building
  • Cleaning and deodorizing the contents in our climate controlled warehouse facility in order to prevent any further damage
  • Delivering the contents back to the property or building and putting them back in their original placement for all water damage restoration Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo and surrounding areas.

The water damage restoration Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo areas go through can be extensive if the process is not done correctly from the beginning. COCAT Restoration eliminates the need for multiple contractors by providing you all your restoration services. We are here to give you Immediate Peace of Mind no matter what kind of disaster you are facing.

For more information or a tour of COCAT’s facility, please call 303-565-3800, or email us at service@COCAT.com